Park West Gallery Divine Comedy Acquisitions

Park West has acquired the majority of Divine Comedy engravings offered for sale from primarily three collections. These are the Jean Estrade Collection (Les Heures Claires), the Marc Ways Collection and the Albaretto Collection. All of these individuals were not only friends and business associates of Dali, they were also prominent collectors of his artwork.

Les Heures Claires/Jean Estrade, Daniel David

Dali and Estrade

Mr. Estrade, editor of Les Heures Claires, retained hand-signed sets of the Divine Comedy. Each of these engravings bears Mr. Estrade’s blindstamp and may have the hand signature on the verso (on the back) of Jean Estrade or Daniel David (current Director of Les Heures Claires.)

The Marc Ways Collection

Dali also hand-signed sets for the art dealer Marc Ways, who met and spent time with the artist. Many of these engravings are also signed on the verso (back) by either Jean Estrade or Antoine Branducci (Honorary Administrator of Les Heures Claires.)

Dali and Ways

The Albaretto Collection

Dali and Albaretto

Giuseppe Albaretto, patron, friend, publisher and patriarch of what was commonly known as Dali’s “Italian family,” arranged for the artist to hand-sign sets of the Divine Comedy.

All of these works from the Albaretto Collection bear the blindstamp of Jean Estrade, editor for Les Heures Claires, the publisher of the Divine Comedy. Dr. Albaretto became the owner of Les Heures Claires, Italy following the publication of the Divine Comedy.

Full Signature in Sepia Ink

In 1964, close friend, benefactor and publisher of Dali's works, Dr. Giuseppe Albaretto was asked by Mr. Joseph Gaurrand, a prominent collector, to commission Dali to hand-sign ten suites of the Divine Comedy. The conditions the collector imposed were simple; he wanted a full signature, "Salvador Dali" signed on each example, and he wanted the works signed in sepia ink.

Dr. Albaretto arranged to have Dali sign the works. After documenting, numbering and certifying each work, the suites were presented to Mr. Gaurrand, whereupon they were preserved unframed until 2003 when they were acquired by Park West Gallery.

Each individual engraving is numbered on the back in ink and bears the blindstamp of Jean Estrade (Artistic Director for Les Heures Claires). A certificate signed by Dali and Robert Blairon (Director General and one of the founders of Les Heures Claires) attesting to the authenticity of the works, and the agreement to only produce ten suites signed in this manner, also exists for each of the ten suites.

The Art Publishing House “Les Heures Claires” has produced an edition of Dante’s Divine Comedy, illustrated by Master Salvador Dali in ten suites, numbered in roman numerals from I to X, in three volumes, without text, with all illustrations matted in elegant black matt-board bordered in gold.

Each illustration is signed with the full signature by the master in sepia India ink.

Master Salvador Dali commits to no longer sign any illustration of the Divine Comedy in sepia ink with a full signature.

Bernard Ewell, ASA, world renowned Dali authority and expert has also examined and authenticated each work included in the ten suites described herein.