As an avid Salvador Dali collector, long-time friend and patron of the artist, Dr. Giuseppe Albaretto realized he could become an important dealer and publisher of authentic Dali artworks. Besides the Biblia Sacra, Dr. Albaretto commissioned numerous Dali graphic editions, including The 1001 Nights, Don Quixote, Hamlet, The Four Seasons and other individual images. His collection of original paintings and drawings provided the opportunity to become an important publisher of etchings and lithographs by Dali. Start up capital came from his wife Mara’s olive oil producing family and Giuseppe’s position as a financial advisor to the Catholic Salesian Order, where he had been a student. It was during these studies that he became involved in the Order’s educational publishing enterprises—experience that would prove invaluable in publishing Dali’s graphic artworks.

Publishing and Printing of the Albaretto Editions

In 1971 Dr. Albaretto joined with the French publishing firm Les Heures Claires, publisher and printer of the Dali Divine Comedy series, and founded “Les Heures Claires, Italy” to create editions of Dali mixed-technique works and intaglio prints (engravings, etchings, dry-points) based on many of the paintings and drawings in his collection. Working with Mr. Jean Estrade, the Artistic Director of the French firm, 67 editions were published. On November 7, 1978 after the completion of the editions, Dali signed a sworn, notarized attestation authenticating the prints, affirming his hand-signatures on each impression and confirming each edition size. A similar document signed by Jean Estrade in 1985 also exists confirming the printing and editions sizes for the same 67 editions.

The editions were printed by Les Heures Claires, Paris. Each edition was printed in a limited number (145, 195, or 245 impressions) plus some artist proofs. The impressions were numbered or annotated and Dali hand-signed each impression in pencil. All of the plates were destroyed after a single printing of each edition.

The intaglios (engravings, etchings, dry-points) were printed in a limited number with 145, 195 or 245 examples printed on Arches paper, and 95 or 145 examples printed on Japan (Japanese) paper, plus some artist proofs on both papers. These intaglio impressions were also hand-colored in watercolor by artisans based on models created by Dali. The impressions were numbered or annotated and Dali hand-signed each impression in pencil. All of the plates were destroyed after a single printing of each edition.

The Park West Gallery Albaretto Editions Collection

The Albaretto Editions were released for sale by Les Heures Claires, Italy to dealers, galleries and collectors during the 1970’s and 1980’s, primarily in Europe. The works began to be exhibited and offered for sale in the United States in various galleries in the late 1990’s. In 2000, Park West purchased the remaining stock of these editions from the Albaretto collection. By the time of Park West’s purchase, more than half of the 67 editions had become sold out and Park West was able to acquire differing quantities of the remaining 27 individual titles.

Mixed technique lithographs:

Baie de Port Ligat (Bay of Port Lligat)
Hommage A Dulcinee (Homage to Dulcinea)
Les Enchanteurs des Serpents (The Snake Charmers)
Les Trois Elephantins (The Three Elephants)
Le Reve Onirique (The Oneiric Deam)
Le Baise Main (The Hand Kiss)
Le Geant d'Aladin (Aladin's Giant)
Sinbad le Marin (Sinbad the Sailor)
La Sirene (The Siren)
La Victorie (Victory)
Les Lions (The Lions)
L'Orient (The Orient)
Les Hydres  (The Hydras)
Les Liasons d'Amour (Love Liasons)
Montres Molles et Les Papillons
(Melting Watches and the Butterflies)

Intaglios (etchings, engravings, drypoints):

St. Georges et le Dragon (St. George and the Dragon)
Les Chevaux Surrealistes (The Surrealistic Horses)

The “Nine Muses” suite:
Calliope (Eloquence)
Erato (Poetry of Love)
Melpomene (Tragedy) 
Thalie (Comedy) 
Polymnie (Sacred Poetry)
Clio (History)   
Euterpe (Music)  
Terpiscore (Dance) 
Uranie (Astronomy)

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