The Biblia Sacra and Salvador Dali’s Hand Signature

Biblia Sacra

Dali’s signature was included in many of the lithographic plates made for the Biblia Sacra, resulting in many works “signed in the block." However, none of the original edition lithographic prints were hand-signed by Salvador Dali. Rather, they were hand-signed later at the request of Roberto Mastella, a prominent Italian Dali collector and client of Dr. Albaretto.

Mr. Mastella had acquired complete bound sets as well as individual works of the Biblia Sacra. He arranged with Dr. Albaretto to have Dali hand-sign each image in the Biblia Sacra books. These signatures were done by Dali, in the presence of Dr. Albaretto, on several occasions between 1976 and 1978 at the Hotel Meurice in Paris.

In addition, in 1979 Mr. Mastella traveled to Dali’s home in Spain where Dali hand-signed the remaining Biblia Sacra works in Mr. Mastella’s collection. In addition to Mr. Mastella himself, Mr. Geom Raffaello Aprili, Mr. Mastella’s secretary, accompanied Mastella on this trip, witnessed the signings and attested to Dali’s hand signing of the works in a sworn affidavit.