About the Biblia Sacra

The Holy Bible as Seen by the Master

The Biblia Sacra watercolors were produced by Dali as illustrations for a new edition of the Bible. Dr. Albaretto, a devout man, had great faith and dedication to the Catholic Church. It was this faith and dedication that lead him, in 1963, to commission Salvador Dali to create the illustrations. Dr. Albaretto knew that the project would require Dali to study the Bible, and he hoped this would bring his artist friend back to God. From this commission came the Biblia Sacra, as series of surreal depictions of key themes from the Bible.

The Biblia Sacra illustrations were combined with text in the Latin Vulgate language and bound into a five-volume set. Dr. Albaretto arranged to have the work published by Rizzoli Editions of Mediolani, Italy. Each of the five volumes of the Biblia Sacra was bound in richly tooled leather. Three editions were produced that resulted in a total of nearly 1800 sets of Biblia Sacra volumes, of which ninety-nine sets were personalized for prominent individuals and families.