The Albaretto Dali Collection

"The history of ownership of a valued object or work of art or literature"

Reputable dealers and gallery owners secure proof of the chain of ownership, or provenance, directly back to the artist before representing any artwork. The extraordinary Albaretto Dali Collection, developed over three decades by the Albaretto family, is the primary source of many of the Salvador Dali works available from Park West Gallery.

This collection is the largest private European collection of artwork by the Spanish Master and is one of the most respected and thoroughly documented Dali collections in the world.

The Albaretto Family Experts

The Albarettos are well-known Dali collectors of solid integrity and character. Dr. Mara Albaretto, wife of Giuseppe, friend and patron of Salvador Dali, and administrator of the Albaretto Collection, is a well-know authority on Salvador Dali artwork. She is considered by the Italian Government an “Expert on a National Scale” on the works of Dali. Beniamino Cristini and his wife, Christiane Albaretto-Cristini (daughter of Drs. Mara and Giuseppe Albaretto) are prosecution experts for the Italian government and have provided expert testimony in continuing Dali art fraud cases.

Examination of the Albaretto Collection

Park West Gallery has spent a substantial amount of time, during many visits, with lawyers from the international legal firm Brian Cave reviewing extensive documents between Dali and the Albarettos, which established the provenance and authenticity of the Albaretto Dali Collection. In addition, Dali experts Bernard Ewell and Albert Field have visited the Albarettos and reviewed the collection. Over a period of more than 10 years, the Gala Salvador Dali Foundation in Spain has carefully examined every Dali work in the Albaretto Collection.

All of these experts have independently determined that the Salvador Dali artwork in the Albaretto Collection is authentic and it is viewed by all who have seen it as rare and, as a result, of great artistic worth.

Bernard Ewell, A.S.A.

Internationally respected art appraiser and Dali authority Bernard Ewell, A.S.A, has personally examined and provided professional authentication of the Dali artwork within the collection. Unlike many Dali experts, Bernard Ewell has never purchased, collected or sold Dali artwork, and retains the objectivity and scholarly disinterest necessary to provide a complete and objective assessment of artwork attributed to Salvador Dali.

Dr. Mara Albaretto, Dali expert, wife of Giuseppe Albaretto and friend and patron of Salvador Dali, has expressed her complete trust in Bernard Ewell.

“Mr. Bernard Ewell, ASA, Senior Member of the American Society of Appraisers, Federal Expert, and Salvador Dali authority, has examined our entire collection and accompanying documentation. We certify him as fully competent to appraise and authenticate Dali artworks in the collection of Mara, Christiana and Giuseppe Albaretto of Turin, Italy. Mr. Ewell has the full confidence of the Albaretto Family.”

Albert Field

Albert Field, a Dali archivist who published one of the catalogues raisonné of Dali prints, visited the Albaretto home and examined and authenticated the complete collection of paintings and prints. He acknowledged the authenticity of the collection by presenting the Albaretto family with a copy of his catalog and a promise to update any missing information in his newsletter and supplement to the catalog. Albert Field also authored an essay for the Albaretto collection museum show catalog.

Dr. Giorgio Pillon

Dr. Giorgio Pillon, journalist, art critic, and Expert for the Appellate Court, Rome, Italy has examined and authenticated the complete collection of paintings and prints.

Orlando Spinelli

Professor Orlando Spinelli, print expert from the University of Torino, Italy has examined and authenticated a number of Dali prints from the Albaretto Collection.